Principles Of Change
Principles of Change
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Organisational change is either a rearrangement or realignment of employees and organizational structure or use of technology or a proactive approach used to promote a cohesive work environment, better performance and faster growth to increase efficiency and profitability.

Our module on Principles of change will equip you with the principles of change management and techniques that will support organisational change.

Module takeaways:

  • Use latest tools to manage organizational change
  • Identify of barriers and how to handle them
  • Kotter's eight-step process to lead change
  • Understand the benefits of change
  • Identify different change drivers
  • Concept of change and its categories

Who is it for?

This module will cater to the mid-level management, project leaders and other interested individuals.

How will you learn?

  • Use of engaging videos to explain complex concepts and ideas
  • Multi-lingual, and easy to access, anytime, anywhere
  • Evaluate your understanding through final assessment
  • Self-paced and learner-focused module

Compatible Devices:

The module is a SCORM compliant course. It can be accessed both online and offline, on all available browsers and is compatible across devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets & mobile devices.