Support and Frequently asked questions

Q1. What does Normal version mean?

A1. We provide the download file (zip file) in two formats. A Normal version and a SCORM version. A normal version can be extracted on a local drive of your PC and the module can be accessed by opening the file ‘POSH_English.Html’.

Q2. What does SCORM version mean?

A2. We provide the download file (zip file) in two formats. A Normal version and a SCORM version. A SCORM version is one that gets imported in an LMS (Learn Management System). To import the SCORM version into your LMS please ask your LMS administrator. Once imported in the LMS it will automatically extract the files and display in the course catalogue.

Q3. We use a SCORM compliant LMS in our organisation. How can I use this on the LMS?

A3. You must download the SCORM version to use it with your SCORM compliant LMS.

Q4. I have downloaded the module using the download link provided over email. How do I share it with my team? (This is application for Normal version only)

A4. You may share the zip file with your team in the following ways:

  1. USB drive
  2. Shared folder on file server
  3. Cloud drives like (Google drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc.)

Q5. What do I do after I download the module zip file? (This is only applicable for a normal version)


Step 1: Create a folder called ‘POSH’ on the your local drive of your PC.

Step 2: Copy the downloaded zip file ‘’ in ‘POSH’ folder.

Step 3: Extract the files

Step 4: Open the file POSH_English.HTML in your preferred browser

Q6. Can I track if my employees have gone through this module? (This is only applicable for a SCORM version)

A6. Yes, you can track the access and completion of the module on the LMS. This can only be tracked by the administrator of the LMS or the Learning manager with the rights to access reports on the LMS.

Q7. How do I upload this on the LMS?

A7. Please refer to the LMS administrator guide for this.

Q9: How many users can use the module that we download

A9: The cost of 18600 is available for a team of upto 50 users. If there are more users in your organisation please contact us for the price

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