Negotiation Essentials
Price: ₹599.00 + Taxes Applicable*
Product Language: English

Negotiation is an integral part of our daily life as well as business life. In the corporate world, applying proper negotiation skills helps you offer solutions that are beneficial for all the stakeholders!

Our highly interactive module on Negotiation Essentials will enable your staff to plan and implement a successful negotiation by learning creative solutions that will lead to a win-win outcome.

Module takeaways:

  • Negotiation: Types, styles and process
  • Adapt to different negotiating situations
  • Identify the perfect time to close a deal
  • Practice controlled emotions and communication while negotiating

Who is it for?

This module will cater to the mid-level management, project leaders and other interested individuals.

How will you learn?

  • Use of engaging videos to explain complex concepts and ideas
  • Multi-lingual, and easy to access, anytime, anywhere
  • Evaluate your understanding through final assessment
  • Self-paced and learner-focused module

Compatible Devices:

The module is a SCORM compliant course. It can be accessed both online and offline, on all available browsers and is compatible across devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets & mobile devices.