Email Etiquette
Price: ₹599.00 + Taxes Applicable*
Product Language: English

Emails have been around for long and are rapidly gaining importance as a formal medium of communication. At times, emails are the only connection between you and your business relationships.

Our upcoming module on Email Etiquette throws light on some important aspects of formal email writing, guiding you to write proficient and professional emails.

Module takeaways:

  • Get introduced to the different parts of a formal email
  • Understand the five simple steps to write great emails
  • Learn how to proofread your emails effectively
  • Learn how to communicate your message positively through emails
  • Get access to some handy tips and practices

Who is it for?

This module will cater to the entry level management, mid-level managers, project leaders and other interested individuals.

How will you learn?

  • Learn at your own pace: anytime, anywhere and across devices
  • Learn from simple and engaging videos
  • Evaluate your understanding with help of section quizzes and course assessment

Compatible Devices:

The module is a SCORM compliant course. It can be accessed both online and offline, on all available browsers and is compatible across devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets & mobile devices.