Planning and Prioritisation
Price: ₹18,600.00 + Taxes Applicable*
Product Language: English

Planning and Prioritisation are few of the best corporate skills one can have. Our module on will help your employees identify which tasks are important and need immediate attention and which can be set aside for later or delegated to someone else.

Module takeaways:

  • Identify the importance of effective planning and prioritising
  • Recognise the time wasters
  • Understand the techniques for planning and prioritisation
  • Build a high-performance work environment

Who is it for?

This module will cater to the mid-level management, project leaders and other interested individuals.

How will you learn?

  • Entertaining videos
  • Easily accessible course
  • Section quizzes

Compatible Devices:

The module is a SCORM compliant course. It can be accessed both online and offline, on all available browsers and is compatible across devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets & mobile devices.